Why it is Important to Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

zyw law logoWhen an incident occurs that is accidental resulting in bodily harm and damages because of another person’s action, this usually is a reason to seek compensation. If the hurt individual asks for a settlement from the insurance company of the negligent party they may be underpaid or denied by the insurer even when they deserve to be compensated. Insurance companies do this with intent, since generally the claimant is not familiar with injury law.

This is where the accomplished personal injury lawyer can be advantageous, since they are skilled in negotiating with insurers and committed to ensure the inured claimant receives the settlement they deserve. The hours, days or weeks after a auto accident happens can be overwhelming. There is the healing process from the injuries, decisions that must be made, both legal and other obligations and the financial stress for out of pocket expenses and possible loss of wages.

One of these decisions will be whether to hire a personal injury attorney. Even when a victim of a car crash has health insurance it may not cover all of the costs and if the actions leading to the collision were due to another person’s actions the individual harmed is entitled to compensation for their medical costs and rehabilitation. Going up against the insurance company alone can result in the claim being denied or a settlement that is lower than what is deserved. The personal injury attorney has the experience and skill to ensure this does not occur and the settlement is fair.

Insurance Company Tactics

Insurance firms often use tactics that mislead claimants to be underpaid or have their claim denied, with the most common being:

  • Friendliness: The agents will attempt to be extra friendly to obtain the confidence of individuals who have been harmed and file a claim without the protection of an attorney. They will attempt to sway the claimant into admitting they may be partially at fault or at-fault or gather other information to use against the injured person to approve a lower settlement amount or deny the claim. This is done in an effort to settle any claims made against the insurer and avoid going to court where the claimant would be awarded the compensation they deserve.
  • Holding Up Claims: Another tactic that is used by insurance companies is having agents request files that may not be required in order to settle a claim. Then once they receive the documents they generally will say the file is incomplete or that there was a pre-existing condition or injury and played a role in the current injuries leading to either settling the claim by underpaying or denying the claim.
  • Medical History: The insurance company may attempt to obtain the claimants medical history to use as a way to deny or at least pay a lower settlement amount.
  • Delays: Insurers use a tactic that is meant to frustrate claimants in hopes that the injured victim will give up attempting to collect the damages they are owed. This is done by delaying settling the claim and even offering amounts that are extremely low hoping after waiting for an extended amount of time the person who filed the claim will accept the offer.

The one way to avoid these issues that the insurance companies use regularly against anyone filing a claim for injuries and damages is to have a lawyer assisting with the claim. An accomplished personal injury lawyer knows the tactics insurance companies use and the law. This can ensure the person who was harmed and suffered damages obtains the settlement they should due to the legal professional’s knowledge of the law and negotiating experience.

Insurers know the consequences when dealing with an experienced attorney that will fight for the best possible settlement or take the claim to trial. The person who has suffered harm can assist the personal injury attorney they retain by giving them the full story of the event, allowing the legal professional to handle all contact from the insurer, not signing any type of documents or providing verbal statements about the accident and keeping all medical and other records to provide to the lawyer.

Keeping a journal about the injuries and healing process should also be kept. The one piece of advice that an experienced personal injury attorney will give is directly after the incident is to answer the questions the police ask, but do not give any lengthy answers in detail or give your opinion of what happened.

If you have been hurt in the Los Angeles or Southern California areas the top-notch Weinstein Law can assist in your legal issues, whether it is an insurance claim or bringing the insurer to trial to obtain the compensation you deserve and holding the negligent party responsible.

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