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Truck accidents can be among the worst that can be faced on the road. There can be severe injuries caused by such collisions with long-term consequences. These cases are more complicated in the court of law, especially when there are many claimants, powerful insurance companies, and many possible civil and perhaps even criminal defendants. Finding the maximum compensation for such an accident is very important, especially when there are many issues still unsolved. Such a long and complex issue can be very difficult for anyone, especially after an accident. The need is there for a legal expert that will be able to get these issues arranged and prepared for the fight ahead.

Substantiated Background

When finding an attorney to take care of your family’s needs in this difficult time, there are many factors to consider. Some attorneys are skilled, but practiced in general law with no particular focus. Some are more focused on criminal matters. However, you need an attorney that is able to specialize in the several important fields at once, especially when dealing with an injury of this magnitude.

Some attorneys are more skilled in the courtroom, especially when handling complicated truck injury cases. If faced with a semi or 18 wheeler accident a law firm with the experience in the field is nearly necessary for a positive outcome. The Zev Weinstein Law Offices have dealt with and won commercial trucking cases and have assisted the victims of injury with the professionalism needed to see the case to completion. Our experience allows us to organize the information, argue in court, and hold the negligent and insurance companies responsible. Our experience has seen us work with and opposing employers, employees, large and small companies, maintenance providers, and others.

Not only does our law office come with the experience and talent needed to take on these cases, we also have the financial backing to fund such a case from start to finish. This is an expensive process for us but one that we take pride in. We advance costs to make sure that we can retain our highly trained staff, experts such as accident reconstructionists, special investigators, and others. We can also recommend doctors that are willing to work on a medical or dental lein so you can be cared for immediately and have them paid when you get the compensation you deserve. Zev Weinstein holds his promises. He works immediately to organize the reports and witnesses needed to quantify the incident and injuries for a better case in or out of court.

Hawkish Representation

Liability insurance companies respect aggressive actions and relentlessness. If you hire an attorney like Zev Weinstein you have a skilled fighter in your corner. His reputation is known around the Los Angeles area for never giving up, even if it requires money out of pocket or tremendous time. The defense against your claim will do their best to prevent you from being compensated– you need someone that can and will exceed them.

We have seen all sorts of dirty tricks, from trumped up witnesses to recorded phone conversations to confuse a jury. Insurance companies like to do this to prevent a payout– and protect their bottom line and not your pain and suffering.

Zev Weinstein treats his clients as his partners. He shares their hopes and dreams and acts so in and out of the court. His experience with the games of insurance companies makes sure that we can get the victims of such an accident their due. We can make sure that the focus is on you and your loved ones so you can get what you need. The truck accident itself is difficult enough to deal with. A potential injury or loss of life is a terrible incident. We are there to fight your claim and hold the potential liable parties in check.

We have everything in our arsenal to make sure that the victim gets what they deserve. We have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in similar claims, including for their mothers, fathers, children, siblings, and even extended families. We are here to take on the insurance and other companies with you.

The Greater L.A. area offers heavy truck traffic that can cause many violations of the law and safety. These issues can hurt or even kill passengers and pedestrians. Truck companies, drivers, mechanics, and dispatchers must abide by the law and standards to avoid harm to the innocent. We are here to make sure they do. Call us for a free consultation today.

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