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Zyw Law logo 2The Law Offices of Zev Weinstein has represented many clients that have been involved in pedestrian accidents and have been injured. Our years of representing our clients and specializing in the laws and litigation of these types have made us a formidable force to work with you to receive the compensation you deserve.

A pedestrian hurt when struck by an automobile can be severely injured or even killed. This type of harm leaves the victim or their loved ones in extended pain and faced with mounting medical costs, unable to work, stressed, and severely injured. This can further inhibit physical and emotional healing and cause many problems for a long time.

Do Not Let Time Pass By

When a victim is unable to work there can be severe consequences. They can lose their job, causing severe shortfalls in the family budget and possibly leading to the loss of a home, car, or other important assets. These are among just some of the major reasons why legal representation is needed in a case like this. When injured and dealing with such a situation, compensation for severe physical and emotional injury is vital.

The right attorney can start by collecting the evidence of your claim by investigating the accident to prove the liability of the negligent party. The can isolate the reason the accident happened, determine the driver’s insurance coverage and their assets to recover the compensation you need.

There are many reasons to consult an experienced pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible after such an event. The first is due to the fact that evidence can diminish as time goes on, lessening the amount that can be claimed. Witnesses can forget what happened or have their memory fade. The law is clear on how long a victim has to challenge from the date of the injury. A statute of limitations can make the ultimate difference.

Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Accident

  • File an accident report with law enforcement as soon as possible or at the scene if you are capable.
  • Write down the names everyone involved in the accident, including name, address, telephone number, insurance information and license plate number. Write down the same for any witnesses of the incident.
  • Take photographs of the scene. The pictures should include the vehicle that you were struck by, any damage to the auto, and injuries you suffered that are visible.
    – Get medical attention, even if you do not believe you suffered injuries as not all injuries are immediately visible. Explain how the injuries occurred and the pain associated.
  • Get medical attention, even if you do not believe you suffered injuries, not all injuries are immediately visible. Explain how the injuries occurred and the pain associated with them.
  • Do not sign any statements or documents without discussing them with your attorney or having them present. The statement could seem innocent, could be used by insurance adjustors to either deny or minimize your settlement.
  • Do not provide details to anyone other than your physician and attorney about the accident.

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