Insurance Claim Reduction Tactics

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After an accident when a personal injury and damage claim is filed with the insurance company an insurance adjuster will be assigned to the claim. This is a agent that can place a value on the claim for what the settlement amount should be according to the insurance company.

This is also an employee of the insurer and will use methods to lower or devalue the claim. The one way to deal with the adjuster is to have the representation of a personal injury lawyer that will protect your rights to seek fair compensation.

Methods Insurance Adjusters Use

There are some known methods that insurance adjusters may use to either lower the settlement amount, frustrate the claimant so they drop the claim or deny the claim. All of these methods save the insurance company money that would be paid out in the claim.

Determining Value

The insurance adjuster will place a value on the claim and in doing this they may use intimidation methods against the claimant (injured victim) using attorneys that are also paid by the insurance company. The lawyers will give opinions that are in favor of the insurer and the way to handle this type of situation is to have your own attorney value your claim and review the insurance company lawyers opinion.

Private Information

In some cases the adjuster will gather information about the claimant’s private life in order to scare the injured party that the private details of their life might be exposed. Whether it is a medical history, criminal charges, personal character or other information the adjuster is hopeful it will be enough to make the claimant take a lower settlement amount.

This information cannot be used, but without a legal representative on your side it can be a frightening experience. Your attorney can explain what information is proper for the adjuster to collect and, what is relevant information for the claim such as a police report, witness statements and medical information for the accident injuries only.

Insurance Company Experts

The adjuster may have various experts write letters and use these to devalue your claim. The one thing to remember is these experts are not neutral, they are paid by the insurance company and it is their job to protect the insurer. Your attorney will be able to have experts who can make their own determination and this information can be used to defend against the insurance company experts.

Travel Expenses

One of the methods used to scare the claimant is for the adjuster to say there will be high expenses involved in pursuing the claim and that the person will be required to travel to the jurisdiction where the accident occurred. The claimant does not know that they are not required to be present all the time and their attorney can handle the claim. The other thing to realize is this is a tactic used by adjusters to get the claimant to agree to a lower settlement.

The safest way to battle the insurance adjuster and receive the settlement you deserve is to have a personal injury attorney representing you in the accident claim. They know the law and know the methods the adjuster, lawyers and experts use to protect the insurance company from having to payout the full settlement value.

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