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Zyw Law logo 2When a mishap occurs due to the actions of someone else it is common for the person hurt to seek compensation for the injuries and damages. The other common event is for the insurance company to either deny the claim or offer such a low settlement it will not cover the medical expenses, loss of wages and other damages incurred because of the incident.

They use these methods to purposely either not pay for their policyholder’s negligence or believe the person filing the claim may feel they cannot receive a higher settlement. This is where the reputable personal injury lawyer can be an asset for the person who suffered harm in an accident. The legal professional knows how the insurance company treats injured victims that do not have legal counsel.

They know the law that protects claimants rights and can negotiate a proper settlement with the insurance company or in the event they cannot settle for a fair amount the lawyer can take the case to court to recover compensation.  After being involved in an accident it is traumatic, both physically and emotionally with legal decisions that need to be made, while healing and attempting to get back to normal life. One of these decisions is whether or not to hire a personal injury attorney.

Being represented by a lawyer will reduce the legal stress because they will handle the claim for compensation that is your right for medical costs, loss of income and other damages related to the accident.

Insurance Company Tactics to Underpay or Deny Claims

The insurance companies have methods they use to deny claims or underpay the victim for their policyholder’s negligence including:

  • Attempting to be pleasant and friendly to the person who was harmed in order to collect information they will use to offer a lower amount than is deserved or to outright deny the claim. This is a tactic that is used when a person files a claim that does not have legal representation, otherwise all contact from the insurance company can be referred to the personal injury lawyer to handle.
  • They will use stall tactics, in which they will request documents that are unnecessary or say the documents that have been rendered are incomplete and then offer a low settlement amount or deny the claim.
    • The insurance company may attempt to collect the claimants medical records that are not related to the accident to say the injuries are not as severe because of preexisting conditions or injuries.
  • The insurer will delay or drag out the claim in an attempt to frustrate the person who was harmed hoping they give up their right to compensation.
    The best way to avoid these issues and other problems with insurance companies after being hurt in a mishap is to have a seasoned personal injury lawyer handle the claim and protect your right to seek compensation that is fair. These types of methods used on the individual filing a claim will not be used with a lawyer, because they know personal injury law, they are skilled negotiators and the consequences for the insurance company not agreeing to a proper settlement is ending up going to court where the jury will award a settlement.

Helping the Personal Injury Lawyer

There are ways the victim of an accident can help their case and the personal injury lawyer. Telling the legal professional the truth and in detail what occurred that resulted in injuries and damages. Do not provide verbal or written statements to the police.

Answer the questions the police ask at the accident scene, but do not elaborate or provide an opinion about what happened. Do not provide the insurance company with any verbal or written statements leave that up to the attorney. By not adhering to these suggestions it can damage the personal injury claim and as a result reduce the amount of compensation.

If you have been injured in Los Angeles or another Southern California community hiring a seasoned and reputable personal injury accident lawyer can help you recover the compensation you should and hold the negligent party responsible for their actions.

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