Four Autonomous Cars Out of 48 Involved in Crashes in California

Four of the 48 driverless cars being tested on the roadways in California with three belonging to Google have been involved in crashes since permits began being issued in September 2014. The fourth car belonged to parts supplier Delphi.
The three cars belonging to Google were Lexus SUV’s and while California accident reports remain private Google is claiming the slow speed crashes were due to human error and inattention.

According to a Google statement they said their Lexus SUV’s have been in some minor fender benders and there have been no injuries.
The Dephi autonomous car was an Audi they said was “moderately damaged.” Dephi stated the collision occurred while the car was not in self-driving mode it was suddenly broadsided when a another vehicle was waiting to turn left at a traffic signal.

Google said their fleet of driverless cars has traveled more miles than the equivalent of more than 15 years of a typical human driving.  According to AP reports and sources the four driverless crashes happened at speeds under 10 mph.
Critics say that the companies producing the self-driving cars should share the full details of any accidents with lawmakers and the public. They say that last year from the time Google stated testing the cars through May 2014 there were three crashes that occurred and quietly reported.

The company claimed that those collisions happened when the cars were rear ended by inattentive drivers. There are currently as many as five other companies with permits for testing autonomous cars in a number of states including Florida, Michigan and Nevada. So far there have not been any self driving crashes in those three states where the vehicles are on the roadway.

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