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There is no one that wants to be involved in an accident that causes harm and damages, but mishaps happen on a daily basis whether it is an automobile accident, a defective product, workplace accident or slip and fall incident. The problem often begins after the accident when the actions of the party at-fault does not take responsibility.

This could be an insurance company , agency or company that does not want to pay the individual who was hurt compensation that they deserve.

For this reason it is important to have a good personal injury lawyer protecting your rights, since the at-fault or negligent party is not going to offer to pay damages without a legal fight. Having legal representation can also mean obtaining a better settlement than filing a claim on your own and being taken advantage of because of your lack of personal injury law.

Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

There are reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer that include:

  • Personal Injury Law and the Claim Process – Most people involved in an accident do not have much knowledge about the legal process to seek compensation for the injuries and damages they suffered due to the actions of another party. Consulting and hiring a personal injury attorney is a way to deal with the legal ramifications of filing a claim. They can answer all questions about the claim, decide the best way to proceed, what the value of the claim should be and guide you through the complex legal process of recovering compensation, whether in a settlement from the insurance company or by going to court.
  • Recovering Fair Compensation – Having your own legal representation will mean having a lawyer fighting to protect your right to seek compensation. One how knows the personal injury law, is skilled in negotiating and litigation. They have experience in dealing with the insurance company and know the tricks the insurer’s agents and adjusters use to offer low settlement amounts or deny a claim. The attorney will fight to recover the maximum amount of the policy limit for the harm and damages the victim suffered. This is done by investigating your case, gathering evidence and witness statements, then going up against the insurance company legal team. They will also investigate if the policyholder has other assets that can be used in fighting for the compensation you deserve.
  • Legal Representation in Court – If the insurance company is unfair in offering a final settlement amount the personal injury attorney can bring a lawsuit against the negligent party and their insurance company. This will mean going to court where a jury will decide on the compensation the victim should be awarded. This is why it is crucial to have a good lawyer litigate on your behalf, since the insurance company will have their legal team fighting for them and the negligent party to avoid having to payout compensation or pay an amount as low as possible.
  • Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney – Finding a reputable and experienced lawyer can be done by asking family, friends or co-workers about attorneys they have used in the past for mishaps resulting in harm. Doing a search on the Internet can be another way of finding a good lawyer and reading reviews by past clients. They should have a good reputation in the community and have a successful record in representing your type of claim. It is important to check the legal professional out and to make certain they have experience in negotiating and litigation to ensure they are the lawyer you can trust to get the settlement you are entitled.
  • Attorney Skills and Experience – The experienced attorney will have an intricate knowledge of personal injury law and the state rules and regulations. They will be skilled in negotiating with insurance companies to recover the settlement amount that is right for your injuries and damages and not a penny less. The accomplished legal professional fights for the client no matter how complex the case and takes on all of the legal burden to reduce the stress on the person who was harmed so they can concentrate on physically and emotionally.
  • Reputation is Key – The lawyer should have a good reputation in the community and with past clients they have represented. Word of mouth from family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and others that have been represented by the attorney is another way to ensure they are a good and reputable legal counsel. Reading the review on the Internet is one way to see what previous clients have to say about their legal representation and if they recovered the compensation they deserved.
  • Fees – When choosing a personal injury lawyer it is important to know what the fees are that will be charged in your case for attorney services. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means there are no upfront lawyer fees and if they are not successful in recovering compensation in your case you will not pay any attorney fees for their service. But, even though these legal professionals work on a contingency basis they may charge a different fee or percentage of the settlement amount. This may depend on several factors including their experience, the location and the amount of time they spend on your case. The fee the lawyer will charge can be discussed before hiring the legal professional so that you can be certain their fees will be reasonable and there will be no surprises when a settlement is recovered.
  • Your Case – Prior to hiring an attorney one of the main concerns should be what type of strategy they will use in your case. The personal injury lawyer should be able to discuss in detail how they will proceed with your claim, what special skills they have that will be beneficial, the laws, rules and regulations that apply in your case and what the percentage is of winning compensation in your case. This is information that is crucial for the person who has been harmed and has the physical, emotional and financial stress because of another party’s actions. The lawyer should be able to explain how they will seek justice by obtaining the best possible settlement in your favor and you should feel confident that they are trustworthy to fight to protect your right to compensation.
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