Personal Injury Compensation Claims—What You Need to Know

zyw law logoAny type of accident can happen at any time and any place, whether it is on the roadway, retail location or at the workplace. This is one reason why many people choose to have insurance coverage and why many workplaces offer benefits including insurance to employees. Insurance covered by employers in the event of harm sustained by an employee will allow a claim to be made for worker’s compensation, which will cover medical expenses and help with financial obligations.

In the event a claim for compensation is necessary as the result of an accident there are certain things that should be understood to help make the process easier and successful.

Claim Amount

After suffering harm it is essential to determine the amount of the claim, since this may include medical expenses, ongoing medical treatment, rehabilitation, loss wages if you are unable to work and other damages. In order to help determine the amount sought in a claim it will be necessary to have a detailed medical report for all injuries related to the mishap and any other documents related to seeking financial compensation.

Statute of Limitations

When filing a personal injury claim it is important to know there is a time limit for filing the claim. This time limit begins the day of the accident and if the paperwork for the claim is not filed within the given time period the injured party may give up their legal right to seek compensation.

Personal Injury Legal Assistance

Filing a claim or bringing a lawsuit against a negligent part after being hurt in a mishap can be stressful and complicated. The fact is that going it alone to recover financial compensation without a clear understanding of the law can mean receiving a lower settlement than you are entitled. Having a legal professional protecting your rights means the experienced attorney has an intricate understanding of the law, negotiation and litigation experience that will ensure recovering a proper settlement for the injuries and damages suffered in an accident.

Weinstein Law’s accomplished attorneys have the experience, skill and resources to help accident victims recover the highest possible compensation for the harm caused in an accident.

About Attorneys

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