A Traffic Collision Investigation Report is an Important Part of Your Case in Chief

Attorney Zev Weinstein, solar plexus injuries attorneys

Attorney Zev Weinstein, solar plexus injuries attorneys

Anytime a driver is on the roadway there is the chance of being involved in an accident, whether it is through no fault of the driver’s or if they have a percentage of fault a police report should be filed. Even if the mishap does not appear to have caused injuries or damages a police report should be filed, since not all injuries are immediately apparent such as internal harm.

In the event of a minor accident with no serious injuries the vehicles should be moved out of traffic and hazard lights should be put on while waiting for the police to arrive at the scene to conduct their investigation and fill out a report.
Police reports are essential if a claim is filed to seek compensation for injuries and damages because this is a documentation of the mishap that is considered unbiased. The report will often document who the police determine is at-fault and can be used as evidence with the insurance company or in court.

In minor accidents often the at-fault driver will want to pay for the damages rather than turn it into their insurance company, while this may be agreed upon there still should be a police report. There is no guarantee the person will pay for the damages or there are not unknown injuries.

Having the police report will be a legal document of the collision, the date and time it occurred, the location, driver and auto information. Police reports are an important part of the evidence in an automobile collision and something that should not be overlooked even in minor fender benders.

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