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Los Angeles is known for its car culture. Thousands drive along the scenic coastal roadways each day while thousands are also stuck in massive rush hour traffic. There are more cars in the greater LA area than ever before, increasing the chance of being involved in an accident. The Zev Weinstein Law Offices have the proven record of representing clients that have been hurt in auto accidents. We work hard for our clients to acquire the maximum amount for their pain and suffering. Our lead attorney has received multiple peer awards and is acknowledged as a multiple Super Lawyers Rising Star and a proficient legal academic. We are trusted because of our track record as being the best representatives for your money. Our specialty is protecting our clients’ legal rights when they are at their most vulnerable. These rights are vital in the aftermath of a terrible accident and only a skilled attorney will protect them.

Zev Weinstein – A Proven Vetted Champion Attorney

Vetted Champion Attorney

When you are hit and hurt, Weinstein Law is at the alert.

When needed, many satisfied consumers have stated that our law firm is the best that you can hire. Our veteran attorneys know that the victim of this type of accident can often sustain significant injuries that could be life altering. These unfortunate victims will often need long term medical care, physical assistance, and therapy. It could cause a large drop in potential income that could destroy the bottom line for an average household. This can lead to emotional issues, loss of breadwinning, and even divorce. It goes well beyond just your physical scars.

Weinstein Law – Providing Assistance In Dealing With the After Effects of an L.A. Car Accident

After a severe car or truck accident there are commonly large medical and legal issues that will have to be settled. Such an event is difficult on its own without the help of a legal professional that has the experience to help you. This experience can handle issues in court, with doctors, and insurance companies. Without a proper advocate, contacting an insurance company could destroy any chance of compensation. The attorney hired should have a long track record of dealing with these companies and their in-house legal staff. Having a considerate advocate that will fight for you is essential for coming back from such an incident.

Our lead attorney has settled thousands of automobile injury claims. Zev Weinstein has a reputation of going for the throat of insurance companies hesitant to give victims what they deserve. He has tangled with and won with nearly every large auto insurer in the LA area. The Weinstein Law Offices are uncompromising in our representation. We earned our reputation in the greater LA area and intend to keep it.

These examples show why having an effective attorney can be so effective. Wen though there are many safety features in modern automobiles, certain conditions and other drivers can cause significant problems. Thousands are injured by wrecks every day and over 3 million are injured every single year (Source). This means that every year around one percent of the entire country is hurt in car accidents. This leads to significant economic consequences as people are not out of work and paying for many injuries.

You need an attorney that you can trust in a case like this. Don’t just call the first number you see in the phone book– find an attorney that makes sure that you are taken care of. When you are facing large medical bills and loss of income, you should have someone in your corner that can earn you every cent you deserve.

Just as with any other unfortunate occurrence, you have a lot in front of you. A seasoned attorney can assist in discovering all parties that can be responsible for the accident. Negligence, or tort law provides the method of determining who is at fault. The person at fault could have been careless towards the right of the individual harmed. This can determine how this occurred and how to avoid in the future. A personal injury attorney can supplement the work of determining this vital aspect of your life.

Making sure that these accidents are taken care of, a traffic collision investigation report is created with the documenting officer reporting their opinions of what CVC sections were allegedly violated and the location of the involving vehicles, light conditions, weather conditions, and the repair or disrepair of the roadways. If the officer issued a citation for DUI, running a red light, or another such error this can be evidence of negligence per se and the liability of the offender is presumed. In many cases, the reporting officer may mention the violations without actually indicating how or if the violations caused or created the accident. In either of these situations, the proper course of action is to find an exceptional accident attorney. When it happens in the LA area, the Weinstein Law Office is the best choice.

When faced with this type of auto accident, there are many severe issues ahead of you. These issues can be devastating, whether it is from a collision, a bicycle accident, being hit by a DUI driver or as a pedestrian. An attorney like one at the Weinstein Law Firm can determine how to assist and challenge the motorist or insurance agency– or even the local government for not maintaining the roads for the errors that caused the accident. We investigate early and make sure that the statute of limitations do not expire.

Having the service of a reliable Los Angeles area PI attorney is vital. The call for a consultation is free and the services are offered on a no-recovery, no-fee basis. This makes it affordable when you are in the position that you can’t waste money. We can advance costs like ordering police reports and hiring investigators and experts that are necessary for your case. We look forward to hearing from you and helping to get you on your feet.

The Rear End Accident

In almost every case that a driver is struck from behind the striking vehicle’s operator is at fault. However, there could be other issues that could have caused it, including having non-operational rear reflectors, turn signals or deflectors, or were involved in unsafe activity. There could be a reason to slam on the brakes, including due to avoiding another car or animal in the road. Even in the worst cases, comparative negligence principles could still apply and you would be able to recover minus the degree of fault. No matter what the reason, if you are hit in the rear, California traffic laws make clear that if the rear vehicle operator cannot safely come to a stop, it is evidence that the rear driver failed to maintain a safe speed and following distance — a prima facie case of negligent operation of an automobile.

Tips after an L.A. Traffic Mishap

  • Lights: Turn on the vehicles hazard lights after a collision, fender bender or rear-ender to alert other motorists.
  • Carry an Emergency Bag: This is a container where a pen or pencil, tablet, disposable camera, and a card containing a list of medications, medical conditions and known allergies are placed, in the event of a crash. This is a small enough container that it can be placed in the glove compartment.
  • Accident Reports: File a report with law enforcement immediately and medical emergency services should be called if there are injuries.
  • Check for Injuries: Check for injuries of passengers and if anyone has been seriously injured in your vehicle or another keep them in the vehicle, until help arrives.
  • Do Not Sign: Do not sign anything from insurance companies or handed to you by the other driver, prior to consulting an advocate.
  • Exchanging Information: Exchange information including names, phone numbers and insurance information, with the other drivers involved in the collision. Insurance information should include the insurer’s name and policy number, you should also write down the plate number of the other vehicles.
  • Pictures: If you have not been seriously injured, take as many photos as possible of the scene, vehicles and injuries from different angles. This will help to show all aspects of the crash.
  • Protection: It is important to have protection in the form of an experienced Los Angeles injury lawyer. Do not sign; state or agree to anything or with anyone, before discussing it with this legal representative.
Let an Expert Lead the Way

These terrible experiences can take a toll on the victim beyond just physical scars. They can face severe financial and emotional trauma within their family. Healing the situation is a difficult process but most be focused on with the help of a good and caring attorney. Call for a personal representative that can fight on your behalf. Call us for a free consultation toll free at (888) 707-4493, (310) 954-9776, or visit our location at:

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