Four Autonomous Cars Out of 48 Involved in Crashes in California

Four of the 48 driverless cars being tested on the roadways in California with three belonging to Google have been involved in crashes since permits began being issued in September 2014. The fourth car belonged to parts supplier Delphi.
The three cars belonging to Google were Lexus SUV’s and while California accident reports remain private Google is claiming the slow speed crashes were due to human error and inattention.

According to a Google statement they said their Lexus SUV’s have been in some minor fender benders and there have been no injuries.
The Dephi autonomous car was an Audi they said was “moderately damaged.” Dephi stated the collision occurred while the car was not in self-driving mode it was suddenly broadsided when a another vehicle was waiting to turn left at a traffic signal.

Google said their fleet of driverless cars has traveled more miles than the equivalent of more than 15 years of a typical human driving.  According to AP reports and sources the four driverless crashes happened at speeds under 10 mph.
Critics say that the companies producing the self-driving cars should share the full details of any accidents with lawmakers and the public. They say that last year from the time Google stated testing the cars through May 2014 there were three crashes that occurred and quietly reported.

The company claimed that those collisions happened when the cars were rear ended by inattentive drivers. There are currently as many as five other companies with permits for testing autonomous cars in a number of states including Florida, Michigan and Nevada. So far there have not been any self driving crashes in those three states where the vehicles are on the roadway.

Why it is Important to Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

zyw law logoWhen an incident occurs that is accidental resulting in bodily harm and damages because of another person’s action, this usually is a reason to seek compensation. If the hurt individual asks for a settlement from the insurance company of the negligent party they may be underpaid or denied by the insurer even when they deserve to be compensated. Insurance companies do this with intent, since generally the claimant is not familiar with injury law.

This is where the accomplished personal injury lawyer can be advantageous, since they are skilled in negotiating with insurers and committed to ensure the inured claimant receives the settlement they deserve. The hours, days or weeks after a auto accident happens can be overwhelming. There is the healing process from the injuries, decisions that must be made, both legal and other obligations and the financial stress for out of pocket expenses and possible loss of wages.

One of these decisions will be whether to hire a personal injury attorney. Even when a victim of a car crash has health insurance it may not cover all of the costs and if the actions leading to the collision were due to another person’s actions the individual harmed is entitled to compensation for their medical costs and rehabilitation. Going up against the insurance company alone can result in the claim being denied or a settlement that is lower than what is deserved. The personal injury attorney has the experience and skill to ensure this does not occur and the settlement is fair.

Insurance Company Tactics

Insurance firms often use tactics that mislead claimants to be underpaid or have their claim denied, with the most common being:

  • Friendliness: The agents will attempt to be extra friendly to obtain the confidence of individuals who have been harmed and file a claim without the protection of an attorney. They will attempt to sway the claimant into admitting they may be partially at fault or at-fault or gather other information to use against the injured person to approve a lower settlement amount or deny the claim. This is done in an effort to settle any claims made against the insurer and avoid going to court where the claimant would be awarded the compensation they deserve.
  • Holding Up Claims: Another tactic that is used by insurance companies is having agents request files that may not be required in order to settle a claim. Then once they receive the documents they generally will say the file is incomplete or that there was a pre-existing condition or injury and played a role in the current injuries leading to either settling the claim by underpaying or denying the claim.
  • Medical History: The insurance company may attempt to obtain the claimants medical history to use as a way to deny or at least pay a lower settlement amount.
  • Delays: Insurers use a tactic that is meant to frustrate claimants in hopes that the injured victim will give up attempting to collect the damages they are owed. This is done by delaying settling the claim and even offering amounts that are extremely low hoping after waiting for an extended amount of time the person who filed the claim will accept the offer.

The one way to avoid these issues that the insurance companies use regularly against anyone filing a claim for injuries and damages is to have a lawyer assisting with the claim. An accomplished personal injury lawyer knows the tactics insurance companies use and the law. This can ensure the person who was harmed and suffered damages obtains the settlement they should due to the legal professional’s knowledge of the law and negotiating experience.

Insurers know the consequences when dealing with an experienced attorney that will fight for the best possible settlement or take the claim to trial. The person who has suffered harm can assist the personal injury attorney they retain by giving them the full story of the event, allowing the legal professional to handle all contact from the insurer, not signing any type of documents or providing verbal statements about the accident and keeping all medical and other records to provide to the lawyer.

Keeping a journal about the injuries and healing process should also be kept. The one piece of advice that an experienced personal injury attorney will give is directly after the incident is to answer the questions the police ask, but do not give any lengthy answers in detail or give your opinion of what happened.

If you have been hurt in the Los Angeles or Southern California areas the top-notch Weinstein Law can assist in your legal issues, whether it is an insurance claim or bringing the insurer to trial to obtain the compensation you deserve and holding the negligent party responsible.

Qualities We All Seek in a Mass Casualty Attorney

Vetted Champion Attorney

When you are hit and hurt, Weinstein Law is at the alert.

Car accidents occur nationwide on a daily basis, with some being what is referred to as fender benders where minor damage occurs to serious crashes that involve severe injuries. Major mishaps on the roadway are generally ones that require the assistance of a car accident attorney, because of the serious nature of the injuries and damages that may have long term affects.

The person suffering harm can find it difficult even though they sustained serious injuries and other damages to be compensated for medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, along with other damages without the help of a seasoned lawyer on their side.

Filing a claim with an insurance company is not a guarantee they will settle for said amount, since insurers do not like to pay out and will often deny a claim or offer a much lower amount. This is where the assistance of a legal professional can make a difference; they are skilled negotiators and know about the tactics insurance companies use. In the event the insurance company does not want to be fair this legal professional can file a lawsuit to obtain the compensation the injured party deserves without the stress of handling the claim alone.

Finding a Qualified Car Accident Lawyer

There are several ways to find a qualified and reputable car accident attorney. Personal referrals by family or friends and attorney directories that can be found the Internet with reviews by past clients are two ways of seeking legal representation. Any lawyer that appeals to the person that has suffered harm should be checked out to ensure they are trustworthy, including community standing, reviews by past clients, their credentials and the area of the law they specialize.

The one thing not to do when choosing an attorney is to focus on the law firms with advertisements claiming they are the best and most trustworthy lawyers, whether it is a telephone book ad, television or radio commercial. One advantage is that many personal injury lawyers specializing in car accidents offer a free consultation. This means having the opportunity to meet with them to ask pertinent questions, to determine if they can be trusted and have a good record of successfully representing auto collision victims.

Characteristics to Look for In a Car Accident Attorney

When seeking a car accident lawyer there are some characteristics that should be looked for to ensure they are the right legal professional. The attorney should have car accident case experience with a satisfactory record, they should act professional and their fees should be acceptable. Finding the legal professional that has these traits should ensure their legal representation will protect your rights and they will work diligently on your behalf.

When to Retain a Car Accident Attorney

Hiring a legal professional to handle a car accident claim it is important not to wait too long for several reasons. First there is a time limitation to file the claim, secondly crucial evidence can be lost and witness’s memories can fade over time. The other important factor in hiring a legal representative as soon as possible is to ensure no damage is done when dealing with the insurance company adjustor and insurer representatives that will use tactics to lower or deny the claim.

Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

There are benefits for hiring a car accident attorney and one of the biggest reasons is not having legal representation without experience in the law it can seriously affect the amount of the settlement or hurt your case. The seasoned car accident lawyer understands the law and the tactics the insurance company will use to offer a low settlement amount or even deny the claim without legal representation. Once they know the details of the mishap and gather evidence they will know what the claim value is and can negotiate with the insurance company for a proper settlement.

The car accident legal specialist is a skilled negotiator and in the event they do not reach an agreeable settlement amount they have the litigation skills to take the case to court within the deadline to file a lawsuit to obtain the compensation that should be awarded. Having a trusted legal professional on your side will relieve the stress of financial worry and allow you to focus on healing and getting back to daily life.  Car accident attorneys make a big difference in the results of the claim and in relieving the legal burden of protecting your rights to fair compensation.

Understanding the Personal Injury Process

When a person has been involved in an accident and sustains bodily harm and other damages it can be difficult to make decisions about the claim process to obtain a financial settlement. Accidents whether the injuries are minor or severe are emotionally traumatic and without having knowledge of personal injury law in the type of accident that resulted in harm can be stressful and confusing. On top of the stress of a legal claim is the pressure and anxiety of healing in order to return to normal daily activities.

Attorney Zev Weinstein, solar plexus injuries attorneys

Attorney Zev Weinstein, solar plexus injuries attorneys

In most cases when a person is hurt in an unfortunate happenstance that was not even their own fault, they have no clue what the process is that follows and have questions that a personal injury lawyer can answer and explain the legal options they have in their situation. The process for recovering financial compensation in the settlement process includes:

Claim Value

Once the attorney has all of the details about the mishap they will be able to estimate the value of the claim and then when the amount is agreed upon by the injured party and the lawyer a claim is filed by the legal professional to the insurance company of the negligent party.


The reason that the attorney will demand a settlement from the insurance company first is because this will be a faster way of obtaining a fair settlement for the person who was harmed. Bringing a lawsuit to trial can take an extended amount of time filing the paperwork, notifying the defendant, waiting for the trial date, the time at trial and jury deliberation before any compensation is awarded.

The attorney will generally demand a higher amount than the agreed upon settlement to ensure if they need to negotiate with the insurance company the settlement amount till not be lower than what the client agreed. It should also be understood that in some cases the insurance company may not want to be fair and the accomplished attorney protecting their client’s rights will not back down by accepting a lower settlement, but instead will take the case to trial so the victim can recover the compensation they deserve.

Insurance Company Response

When the legal professional files a claim with the insurance company demanding a settlement for damages, the insurance company may reject the amount of the demand and will counter offer with a much lower amount. Then a counter offer will be made by the lawyer and the negotiating begins.


The experienced personal injury lawyer is a skilled negotiator and if the insurance company makes an offer after receiving the claim amount the attorney will counter offer. Then it is up to the insurance company to either agree or to make another counter offer that is usually a higher figure than their first low offer. It is up to the client and their attorney to decide whether this second offer is acceptable or not. The lawyer and insurance company may go back and forth with offers until there is an agreed upon amount the client feels is acceptable.

In some cases if the claim cannot be settled it may go in front of a mediator, which is a third party. They do not work for the attorney or the insurance company and are neutral, but can be the go-between for the legal professional and the insurance company to help get the claim settled for a fair amount.

Southern California’s Weinstein Law believes the settlement amount rests on the personal injury attorney’s shoulder. Their experience and negotiation skills are paramount in how the insurance company is handled to ensure they offer a just settlement.

The Top Three Personal Injuries Discussed


Life has unpredictable circumstances and while some maybe pleasant others are not and in some situations the need will arise to have representation by a personal injury attorney. These situations when the assistance of a lawyer will entail harm and damages in which the individual is a victim and to recover the financial compensation they deserve the help of this type of attorney can ensure their legal rights are protected.

The three most common circumstances that generally require the help of a legal professional:

Car Accidents

Logo ZywlawCar accidents happen daily and if you are a victim in a car collision there can be injuries, medical expenses, auto damages, and other costs that will result in out-of-pocket expenses in the event a claim is not pursued. When a vehicle accident occurs and the person harmed is not at-fault or only partial at-fault the person who is responsible should be held accountable and their insurance company for the expenses incurred. The personal injury lawyer can handle dealings with the negligent driver’s insurance company to obtain a fair settlement or if that is not possible the legal professional can bring a lawsuit to ensure monetary compensation is fair for the victim’s expenses related to the crash.

Slip and Fall

Slip and fall accidents can happen on another person or entities property for reasons such as failure to maintain the property. This kind of event can result in serious bodily harm and if the personal injury lawyer is able to prove the injuries were due to negligence a claim for the damages can be filed to obtain a settlement or a lawsuit can be brought to recover compensation.

Dog Bite Attacks

In the event an individual is bitten by a dog it is essential to receive medical treatment immediately and if the canine belongs to another person a personal injury attorney can assist in recovering compensation for injury and other damages. This is a type of claim that often includes pain and suffering compensation, since it is a traumatic event that may require therapy. Filing a claim or lawsuit in a dog bite attack will help to ensure the owners of the dog are held responsible for the canine’s actions and to help prevent future incidents.

These are three of the most common types of harm that may occur and if it does contacting a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible can protect the victim’s legal rights to recover financial compensation for medical expenses, loss of wages and other damages directly related to the event. It is essential to have the advice of an attorney after an accident before signing any documents from the police, insurance company, hospital or any other entity to protect your rights.

Selecting a personal injury attorney if one is not recommended by family, friends or co-workers should be done carefully. Their experience in the area related to your type of accident should be considered, success rate, client approval and other accomplishments. This is a legal professional that should have the negotiation and litigation skills that can be relied upon to protect your legal rights and recover the compensation or settlement you deserve.

The Most Common Questions About Personal Injury Cases

devastating smash up

Weinstein L.A. auto accident lawyer

Filing a personal injury claim can take time to go through the process of receiving a settlement after being involved in an accident that results in bodily harm and other damages. There are commonly asked questions about this process of seeking compensation by individuals who have not been through this legal process, but may be entitled to a settlement for injuries and damages.

What Amount of Time Does it Take for an Injury Claim?

The answer to this question can vary depending on the circumstances, since every accident is different and the severity of the injuries. Generally it can take between six and nine months to file a claim and be compensated, depending on whether the claim is disputed or there are other complex issues such as ongoing medical care or rehabilitation. The more severe the harm or permanent disability the case may take longer to settle, since the claim require a higher amount of compensation, than minor injury claims.

Will the Claim Go to Court?

Most personal injury claims can be settled with the insurance company by negotiating with the personal injury attorney for a fair settlement, which is an out of court settlement. There is a small percentage of claims that cannot be settled for the amount the victim deserves and the accomplished personal injury lawyer will then file a lawsuit, which means taking the case to court to be awarded compensation by a jury. In most cases the insurance company will attempt to avoid going to trial and will settle the claim out of court.

Is there a Time Limit to File a Claim?

There is a statute of limitations for personal injury accidents that begins the day of the event and depending on the defendant the time limit may be of a shorter duration. Consulting a personal injury attorney is the first step in finding out the time limit on the claim, which should be done as soon as possible to ensure they can gather evidence and interview witnesses to determine the value of the claim and file the paperwork within the given amount of time. There are rare cases where a claim can be given a longer time limit than starting from the date of the incident, but this is generally claims for things such as illness caused by a work environment.

Is it Possible to Get Help with Medical Expenses Before Receiving Compensation?

It is possible to have the proper medical care before recovering a settlement in a personal injury. This is done by an agreement with the medical professional that they will be paid when the settlement is obtained. A reputable personal injury attorney can explain this process and make certain the injured victim does not go without the proper medical care or rehabilitation.

How Much is My Claim Worth?

This is a commonly asked question with no definitive answer, because every accident is different. The injuries and other damages are different, as well as the evidence and percentage of negligence. So, there is no definite answer until consulting a personal injury attorney who hears the incident in detail, reviews the medical records, police report and other evidence to determine what the financial value of the claim.

If you or a loved one has suffered harm in a mishap due to the actions of another person, company or entity you may be entitled to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages. As soon as possible after the accident it is important to consult a legal professional who can protect your rights to recover compensation and hold the negligent party responsible.

Personal Injury Lawyers and Trust

Attorney Zev Weinstein, solar plexus injuries attorneys

Attorney Zev Weinstein, solar plexus injuries attorneys

Trust is an important factor in all types of relationships and being able to trust your personal injury attorney is crucial. This is the legal professional that will assist in your legal claim for financial compensation after being harmed in a mishap due to the actions of another person, company or entity. This is a monetary amount meant to cover medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, along with other damages caused by the accident making trust in this lawyer essential (Read More.)

The aftermath of an accident is stressful and without trust in a personal injury lawyer can add to the stress level of the person that was hurt. This legal professional will fight to protect your legal rights by negotiating with the insurance company or litigating in court to obtain the best possible settlement, if you have chosen an accomplished personal injury legal representative.

It is possible to file a claim without the assistance of an attorney, but it should be considered that the insurance company and negligent party will have legal representation. It is also a fact that generally when a claim is filed without the assistance of a lawyer the settlement is lower than it would be if the injured party was represented by a legal professional.

A reliable and trusted attorney can go up against the insurance company lawyers to ensure you get the settlement you deserve instead of the low settlement or denial the insurance companies tactics are known for against legally unprotected claimants.

The other thing to consider is unless legally trained most people have little knowledge of the laws that can protect their right to fair compensation or the complexities of a claim or lawsuit. Having a trusted attorney means that they will handle all of the legal issues, while the client focuses on healing.

If you or a loved one have been hurt in an accident due to the negligent actions of another party in Los Angeles or anywhere in Southern California the Weinstein Law are the lawyers that can be trusted to hold the negligent party responsible and recover the compensation you are entitled. Consulting these legal professionals will show the dedication to protecting the rights of anyone who has been injured by answering any questions and explaining your legal options.

Personal Injury Compensation Claims—What You Need to Know

zyw law logoAny type of accident can happen at any time and any place, whether it is on the roadway, retail location or at the workplace. This is one reason why many people choose to have insurance coverage and why many workplaces offer benefits including insurance to employees. Insurance covered by employers in the event of harm sustained by an employee will allow a claim to be made for worker’s compensation, which will cover medical expenses and help with financial obligations.

In the event a claim for compensation is necessary as the result of an accident there are certain things that should be understood to help make the process easier and successful.

Claim Amount

After suffering harm it is essential to determine the amount of the claim, since this may include medical expenses, ongoing medical treatment, rehabilitation, loss wages if you are unable to work and other damages. In order to help determine the amount sought in a claim it will be necessary to have a detailed medical report for all injuries related to the mishap and any other documents related to seeking financial compensation.

Statute of Limitations

When filing a personal injury claim it is important to know there is a time limit for filing the claim. This time limit begins the day of the accident and if the paperwork for the claim is not filed within the given time period the injured party may give up their legal right to seek compensation.

Personal Injury Legal Assistance

Filing a claim or bringing a lawsuit against a negligent part after being hurt in a mishap can be stressful and complicated. The fact is that going it alone to recover financial compensation without a clear understanding of the law can mean receiving a lower settlement than you are entitled. Having a legal professional protecting your rights means the experienced attorney has an intricate understanding of the law, negotiation and litigation experience that will ensure recovering a proper settlement for the injuries and damages suffered in an accident.

Weinstein Law’s accomplished attorneys have the experience, skill and resources to help accident victims recover the highest possible compensation for the harm caused in an accident.

Insurance Claim Reduction Tactics

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When you are hit and hurt, Weinstein Law is at the alert.

After an accident when a personal injury and damage claim is filed with the insurance company an insurance adjuster will be assigned to the claim. This is a agent that can place a value on the claim for what the settlement amount should be according to the insurance company.

This is also an employee of the insurer and will use methods to lower or devalue the claim. The one way to deal with the adjuster is to have the representation of a personal injury lawyer that will protect your rights to seek fair compensation.

Methods Insurance Adjusters Use

There are some known methods that insurance adjusters may use to either lower the settlement amount, frustrate the claimant so they drop the claim or deny the claim. All of these methods save the insurance company money that would be paid out in the claim.

Determining Value

The insurance adjuster will place a value on the claim and in doing this they may use intimidation methods against the claimant (injured victim) using attorneys that are also paid by the insurance company. The lawyers will give opinions that are in favor of the insurer and the way to handle this type of situation is to have your own attorney value your claim and review the insurance company lawyers opinion.

Private Information

In some cases the adjuster will gather information about the claimant’s private life in order to scare the injured party that the private details of their life might be exposed. Whether it is a medical history, criminal charges, personal character or other information the adjuster is hopeful it will be enough to make the claimant take a lower settlement amount.

This information cannot be used, but without a legal representative on your side it can be a frightening experience. Your attorney can explain what information is proper for the adjuster to collect and, what is relevant information for the claim such as a police report, witness statements and medical information for the accident injuries only.

Insurance Company Experts

The adjuster may have various experts write letters and use these to devalue your claim. The one thing to remember is these experts are not neutral, they are paid by the insurance company and it is their job to protect the insurer. Your attorney will be able to have experts who can make their own determination and this information can be used to defend against the insurance company experts.

Travel Expenses

One of the methods used to scare the claimant is for the adjuster to say there will be high expenses involved in pursuing the claim and that the person will be required to travel to the jurisdiction where the accident occurred. The claimant does not know that they are not required to be present all the time and their attorney can handle the claim. The other thing to realize is this is a tactic used by adjusters to get the claimant to agree to a lower settlement.

The safest way to battle the insurance adjuster and receive the settlement you deserve is to have a personal injury attorney representing you in the accident claim. They know the law and know the methods the adjuster, lawyers and experts use to protect the insurance company from having to payout the full settlement value.

Important Reasons to Hire an Accomplished Personal Injury Attorney








Zyw Law logo 2When a mishap occurs due to the actions of someone else it is common for the person hurt to seek compensation for the injuries and damages. The other common event is for the insurance company to either deny the claim or offer such a low settlement it will not cover the medical expenses, loss of wages and other damages incurred because of the incident.

They use these methods to purposely either not pay for their policyholder’s negligence or believe the person filing the claim may feel they cannot receive a higher settlement. This is where the reputable personal injury lawyer can be an asset for the person who suffered harm in an accident. The legal professional knows how the insurance company treats injured victims that do not have legal counsel.

They know the law that protects claimants rights and can negotiate a proper settlement with the insurance company or in the event they cannot settle for a fair amount the lawyer can take the case to court to recover compensation.  After being involved in an accident it is traumatic, both physically and emotionally with legal decisions that need to be made, while healing and attempting to get back to normal life. One of these decisions is whether or not to hire a personal injury attorney.

Being represented by a lawyer will reduce the legal stress because they will handle the claim for compensation that is your right for medical costs, loss of income and other damages related to the accident.

Insurance Company Tactics to Underpay or Deny Claims

The insurance companies have methods they use to deny claims or underpay the victim for their policyholder’s negligence including:

  • Attempting to be pleasant and friendly to the person who was harmed in order to collect information they will use to offer a lower amount than is deserved or to outright deny the claim. This is a tactic that is used when a person files a claim that does not have legal representation, otherwise all contact from the insurance company can be referred to the personal injury lawyer to handle.
  • They will use stall tactics, in which they will request documents that are unnecessary or say the documents that have been rendered are incomplete and then offer a low settlement amount or deny the claim.
    • The insurance company may attempt to collect the claimants medical records that are not related to the accident to say the injuries are not as severe because of preexisting conditions or injuries.
  • The insurer will delay or drag out the claim in an attempt to frustrate the person who was harmed hoping they give up their right to compensation.
    The best way to avoid these issues and other problems with insurance companies after being hurt in a mishap is to have a seasoned personal injury lawyer handle the claim and protect your right to seek compensation that is fair. These types of methods used on the individual filing a claim will not be used with a lawyer, because they know personal injury law, they are skilled negotiators and the consequences for the insurance company not agreeing to a proper settlement is ending up going to court where the jury will award a settlement.

Helping the Personal Injury Lawyer

There are ways the victim of an accident can help their case and the personal injury lawyer. Telling the legal professional the truth and in detail what occurred that resulted in injuries and damages. Do not provide verbal or written statements to the police.

Answer the questions the police ask at the accident scene, but do not elaborate or provide an opinion about what happened. Do not provide the insurance company with any verbal or written statements leave that up to the attorney. By not adhering to these suggestions it can damage the personal injury claim and as a result reduce the amount of compensation.

If you have been injured in Los Angeles or another Southern California community hiring a seasoned and reputable personal injury accident lawyer can help you recover the compensation you should and hold the negligent party responsible for their actions.