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The personal injury attorneys that work out of the SW Law offices have earned a reputation that is hard to beat. Their dedication to the victims of injuries has shown success time and again. They have fought for and won large settlements for those hurt due to the negligence of others. Our attorneys fight tooth and nail for every cent of compensation and work to prevent future injuries due to ignorance of legal duties or responsible behaviors.

No amount of money can make up for a terrible accident or on-the-job injury. However, it can go a long way towards rebuilding a person’s life. An injury could lead to a pile of bills, loss of work income, and an inability to take care of a family. SW Law is dedicated to the service of our clients in this very difficult time. We fight to make sure that our clients– our partners receive all that they are legally entitled to in and out of court. Our partners are hurt– mentally or physically.

Here in a vulnerable position they are dealing with insurance companies that just want to close out their cases or negligent employers looking to sweep the issue under the rug. The role of a good advocate is invaluable. An attorney with the right knowledge and experience is vital in dealing with insurance companies, courts, and companies that see you as a problem.

What We Can Do for You!

Our role is to make sure that our clients are left as whole as possible. Our years of experience have spoken for themselves. Our clients have recovered millions due to our actions and we know what is needed to handle insurance companies. We have convenient injury lawyer locations in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, and other California locations. Call today toll free at (888) 707-4493, (310) 954-9776, or visit our website to learn your legal rights.

SW Law , Excellent Los Angeles Trial Attorneys:

  • Have Earned millions of dollars in court and mediated settlements for our partners
  • Taken on large car and truck accident cases
  • Assisted other victims of injury and negligence

There are just some of the reasons that we are recognized in our industry and in other professions as a leading Los Angeles injury law firm dealing with serious bodily harm. We are recognized by our peers such as the Super Lawyers Rising Stars and the Circle of Legal Trust– just to name a few. We are also recognized by the Ehline Law Firm PC

as dedicated personal injury attorneys that are champions at shielding the victims, guarding their rights, and making sure that the moral obligations of those that caused this situation are paid to the victim themselves, their family, or others. We have given a larger firm’s results with the care of a smaller one. We don’t give up on our partners and have the skills for victory– both in and out of the courtroom.

Call us now for a free consultation. We will respond to questions and concerns that you or your family may have in this difficult time. We aim to bring closure to victims and families hurting and grieving. If you have a potential claim or question, feel free to call SW Law LLP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Legal Representation For All Injury Cases and Our Commitment to You

Our firm gives our partners 100% attention when we are representing them whether in person or not. We take an aggressive stance to make sure that our clients are taken care of. Getting the victims a large financial reward is our ultimate goal. Once you hire SW Law expect punctuality, candor, and professionalism.

You don’t need to pay a cent for assessment or representation until we win the case. We always keep you in mind and in the loop as we search for the largest possible settlement. You will have a professional, experienced attorney by your side to make sure that your lawsuit or insurance claim is fulfilled in full.

Our firm seeks vindication in the form of client satisfaction and only offer the best representation and our word to you. See why our reputation precedes us. Call us for a no-pressure consultation at (310) 954-9776.